Born from a collective of young artists and professionals of culture, co_atto presents itself as an interdisciplinary and heterogeneous reality that will develop its projects in the 18m showcases of the suburban space.


co_atto project brings street art and photography in the subway of the city of Milan to share with the passengers an unusual way to live and walk the corridors of the train station.


co_atto is a hub of research, hybridizations, exchanges, where experiences, skills and people interface. It proposes site-specific projects, intended to contaminate the city with off-site collaborations in order to create relationships with the territory and the realities that animate it, while offering a schedule of collateral events.

co_atto is also an archive in progress which, thanks to donations and contributions, keeps track of the initiatives and researches of the panorama in which it is inserted, making them available to the public.


co_atto’s website also has a blog that publishes articles on a weekly basis to expand the boundaries of its research by involving experts and contributors from multiple sectors.